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10:09pm 01/08/2004
  My new Kumagorou plush Hiro-san made.^^

If it doesn't open, just right click and go to properties. You'll find the URL there. copy the URL and paste it to the address. I think that will work...

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02:26am 29/07/2004
  Tatsuha has been really nice to me^^...うれしなのだ。。。We're going to spend quality time together nanoda...yay!!  
11:23pm 22/07/2004
mood: happy
Hi, minna san. It's me Hiro...Yuki-chan's aniki. This journal would not be in Yuki's command anymore and it has been abandoned just short after i made him create it. (I know its not very nice to force things on others but i though introducing it to him would be a good idea...guess not)So as i'm in command now,i'll be using this for Gravitation RPG.

And this would be it...

and as for now...pikapika nanoda....^^
09:29pm 26/05/2004
mood: happy
Yeah!! tomorrow is end of exams...Hallelujah...yahoo...the next thing i'll be doing is play with the PC^^ ha ha ha ha ha...If aniki doesn't make Kumagorou for me i'll make it myself...Let me go find the materials...can anyone help tell me where to find pink cloth and black button eyes^_^plssss...おねがい!
04:40pm 24/05/2004
mood: happy


I just started in Life Journal.よろしくん,みなさん。
Look above is my favourite Kumagorou plush. Aniki promised to make me one after his exams. Aniki is bad. He threatened to cut up my Kuma-Kuma-chan just to make Kumagorou. I won't let him do that. Not to my Kuma-Kuma-chan.

ひ!My aniki helped me fix the background of my journal. I was just too lazy to read the LJ manual. So I got him to do it after threatening him a little.へ へ

So that's all for this time. Till then, i want more Kumagorou pictures...
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